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Our mission here at AllergyTable© is to help those who suffer from food allergies discover new and closeby allergy friendly restaurants. At AllergyTable©, we understand the challenges of finding restaurants that can cater toward your food allergy needs and the frustrating and time consuming process that this can take. We believe that AllergyTable© can help relieve some of that stress.
AllergyTable© was started in 2014 by three Palo Alto High School students looking to make a difference in the food allergy community as well as further their knowledge in starting and running a business. The AllergyTable© team consists of Ian Woodfill, Chirag Akella, and Ethan Kao who are in charge of technology, marketing, and operations respectively.
How We
Can Help.
AllergyTable© allows people who suffer from food allergies to find and search restaurants based on its ability to accommodate their dietary needs. The AllergyTable database is made up of members of the allergy community who are able to input their experiences at restaurants, giving an idea of a restaurants service based on its ability to accommodate food allergies. Through this community, users can gain insight and find restaurants in their area faster and efficiently.
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